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CH 676 Physical Chemistry:Principles and Applications


Keeping Current

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RSS Feeds

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a technology that allows the content of a website to be syndicated into a news feed.  RSS feeds are available from most journal publishers, sending out updates as soon as new articles, new issues -- or news items -- are published.

To maintain these feed deliveries, you will need an RSS aggregator/feed reader such as Google Reader (available with any Google account) or Bloglines.   Look for the RSS feed icon on any type of web site that has conent of interest to you: 

Keep Me Posted in SciFinder Scholar

SciFinder on the Web provides the option for you to run weekly updates on a topic of your choice -- this is the "Keep Me Posted" function.

To do this:

  • Run your chosen search in SciFinder and select  (click-on) an intact set of references from the candidate searches list.
  • Once you have the set of references displayed, you'll see that the "Keep Me Posted" icon is now active.
  • Click that icon, then complete the form that appears.
  • You will be notified by email that new results are available to you;  you will need to enter SciFinder to see them.

Customized RSS Feeds from WOS

Create Customized RSS feeds from Web of Science

To do this:

  • After running the search of your choice, click th Advanced Search tab
  • Choose the relevant search statement from the "search history" list
  • Click Save Search History
  • Fill out the form that appears for saving to server (but do not check on the email information – unless you want email)
  • Click to Save to Server
  • On next screen choose “RSS Feed” option for delivery.
  • You will need to have an RSS reader/aggregator to receive the feeds – GoogleReader or BlogReader are two good options.

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