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ECON 222901/MHON339801: Forecasting/Thesis Research


WRDS Databases

Key resources for locating time series data with monthly, quarterly or annual frequencies. Data, including economic indicators, allow students to apply forecasting theory to actual business and economic time series data.

Account Information

WRDS(Wharton Research Data Services) interface allows you to select multiple variables and download data in Excel and formats compatible with statistical packages such as Stata. The library subscribes to many databases via WRDS listed below.

WRDS also provides access to public data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis and healthcare data from MEPS(Medical Expenditure Panel Survey) and HCUP(Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project ) along with a few other WRDS calculated data. 

BC Faculty (personal and class accounts), PhD and Masters level students may set up accounts directly from the WRDS web site:

Research assistants working for faculty may also request accounts with faculty approval.

All other students email for information about setting up an account.

WRDS Databases


This is a list of WRDS subscription.