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Finding Data/Data Support


Define Unit of Analysis

Offers research strategies for finding data in general and select broad subject areas.

Geographic Unit

  • Local: city agencies
  • National: federal agencies, research centers
  • International: international organizations

Note: Not all data is available at the geographic level you need. Some data is only available at the state or county level.


  • Annual
  • Quarterly
  • Monthly
  • Daily

Note: Some frequencies may need to be calculated.

Unit of Analysis

Unit of coverage

  • Individual Level
  • Institutional Level: company, health facility, school
  • Production Level: automobiles, commodities

Time Series

Series of measurements over regular intervals of time

  • Cross sectional: collected at the same point of time for several individuals.
  • Longitudinal/Panel: data collected at a sequence of time points for each of a sample of individuals.
  • Time Series: data collected at a sequence of time points, usually at a uniform frequency.
  • Pooled cross sectional time series: mixture of time series data and cross-section data