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Irish Women Writers (Irish Studies)



This guide points researchers to material that is valuable for research into Irish Women Writers.


A select list of bibliographies that focus on the writing of Irish women. There are more general bibliographies that include women writers on the Irish Literature and Language Research Guide.

Brown, Stephen J.M. Ireland in Fiction: A Guide to Irish Novels, Tales, Romances and Folklore. Shannon: Irish University Press, 1969. (O'Neill Library: Reference Z2039.F4 B8 1969; Burns Library: Z2039.F4 B8 1969 IRISH)
A reprint of the 1919 edition of Brown's 1910 work. This edition lists over 1700 books alphabetically by author, including many women authors. Entries include brief biographical information, list of works and brief summaries of works. Appendices A through D list works of Reference, Publishers and series, Classified Lists, for example, Irish Historical Fiction and Gaelic Epic Literature, and Irish Fiction in Periodicals. The book includes only Anglo-Irish works, but the author points to notable works in Irish in Appendix C and mentions the 'Bibliography of Irish Philology and of Printed Literature to 1912.

Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing: Irish women's writing and traditions. Cork, Ireland: Cork University Press in association with Field Day; [New York]: New York University Press, 2002. (O'Neill Library: PB1421 .F54 2002; Burns Library: PB1345 .F53 2002 IRISH; PB1345 .F53 2002 REF)
Published as vols. 4-5 of the Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing, these volumes aim 'to bring together a substantial body of written documents produced by and about women since writing began in Ireland.' (IV: xxxii).

Mikhail, E.H. Dissertations on Anglo-Irish Drama: A Bibliography of Studies 1870-1970. London, Macmillan, 1973. (Burns Library: Z2039.D7 M54 1973 IRISH)
Provides bibliographical citations for about 500 dissertations written between 1870-1970 in the United Kingdom, the United States, Ireland, Canada, and Europe. The citations are grouped by literary subjects, from Samuel Beckett to William Butler Yeats.

O'Malley, William T. Anglo-Irish Literature: A Bibliography of Dissertations. New York: Greenwood Press, c1990. (O'Neill Library: Reference PR8711.A54x 1990; Burns Library: Z2037.A54 1990 REF)
Provides bibliographical citations for dissertations written 1873-1989 at American, Irish, British, Canadian, and European universities. The dissertations are on Anglo-Irish literature written between 1600 and 1965. The first part is organized by subject (the literary author) and the second by general and topical studies.

Patterson, Margaret C. Literary Research Guide, pp. 149-152. New York: Modern Language Association, 1983. (O'Neill Library: Reference Z6511.P37 1983)
Aims to provided "sources for research in Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Commonwealth, world, classical, and comparative literature" on fields as diverse as folklore, film, and history, to name just a few. Entries are annotated.

Warner, Alan. A Guide to Anglo-Irish Literature. Dublin: Gill and MacMillan; New York: St. Martin's Press, 1981. (O'Neill Library: PR8711.W37)
Focuses on Irish writers who wrote in English. Provides an exposition of themes or styles common to many Anglo-Irish writers, from the "big house" perspective of Maria Edgeworth to the humbler origins of William Carleton, in addition to Dublin writers, authors of the Literary Revival, and living authors.

Watson, George. The New Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature. Cambridge [Eng.]: University Press, 1969-77 [Vol. 1, 1974]. (O'Neill Library: Reference Z2011.N45)
A multi-volume set. The first volume covers Anglo-Saxon literature (600-1100), Middle English (1100-1500), and the Renaissance to the Restoration (1500-1660). The second and third volumes encompass 1660-1800, 1800-1900, and 1900-1950. Literature in Latin is included if appropriate, but Celtic-language literature is excluded. Covers a wide variety of topics, from religion to law to science to travel.

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