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Irish Literature and Language (Irish Studies)


Create a Bibliography

A multi-page research guide to Irish literature resources in the Boston College libraries

Create a Bibliography

Documenting papers well and knowing the precise format for citing print and electronic resources demands attention. Check with your professor for the preferred bibliography style. It is likely that the requisite style will be that of the Modern Language Association (MLA) or perhaps the Humanities version of The Chicago Manual of Style (BC Libraries have the Manual online).

Whichever style you use, it's important that you are consistent; there should be no changes from one documentation system to another within a paper. Online guides for documenting papers include the following:

APA Tutorial
Wendy Mages, a doctoral student in the Harvard Graduate School of Education, has put together a very useful tutorial on APA format. It's entitled "APA EXPOSED : Everything You Always Wanted to Know About APA Format But Were Afraid to Ask!".

RefWorks is a Web-based bibliographic citation management tool that assists users in creating personal collections of citations by easily importing references from online databases. These references can then be inserted into papers and RefWorks will automatically format the footnotes and bibliography in numerous styles including MLA, Turabian and Chicago. As a Web-based product, RefWorks is available to users, both within and without BC's Libraries, from any workstation with an Internet connection.

RefWorks also has a utility called Write-N-Cite which allows Microsoft Word and Internet Explorer users to insert cited references directly into their manuscripts with the click of a button. The utility installs a Write-N-Cite icon on your desktop as well as an Add-in to your Word toolbar and a menu option under Tools for launching Write-N-Cite.