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Irish Literature and Language (Irish Studies)


Irish Literary Anthologies

A multi-page research guide to Irish literature resources in the Boston College libraries

Print Anthologies

Bolger, Dermot, ed. Ireland in Exile: Irish Writers Abroad. Dublin: New Island Books, 1993. (O'Neill Library: PR8844.I74 1993)

Irish writers living outside of Ireland focus on issues of Irish identity, in short fiction and excerpts from longer prose works.

Craig, Patricia, ed. Belfast Anthology. Belfast: Blackstaff Press, 1999. (O'Neill Library: PR8895.B45 B45 1999; Burns Library: PR8895.B45 B45 1999 IRISH) Reactions to Belfast dating from the early 1600s to the present culled from memoirs, poetry, fiction, travel writing, and letters.

Donavan, Kate, et al. Ireland's Women: Writings Past and Present. New York: Norton, 1995. (O'Neill Library: PR8836.5.W66 I74x 1995) Excerpts of literature by women and men that describes women from Queen Maeve to Mary Robinson. The excerpts are drawn from myths, poems, letters, newspapers, novels, plays, and songs. Organized by topic: bodies, "girly years," love, marriage and family, money and power, shapechangers, heroism, religion, women alone, talk, and time.

Dunne, Sean, ed. The Ireland Anthology. Dublin: Gill and MacMillan, 1997. (O'Neill Library: PR8835.I74 1997b; Burns Library: PR8835.I74 1997b IRISH) Prose and poetry concerning Irish history, extracted from literature, historical documents, and letters.

Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing. Lawrence Hill, Derry, Northern Ireland: Field Day Publications; New York, N.Y.: Distributed by W.W. Norton, 1991. (O'Neill Library: PB1345.F53x 1991 (volumes 1-3); Burns Library: PB1345.F53 1991 REF) Literary excerpts dating from Early and Middle Irish literature (ca.600-1600) to contemporary Irish writing (up to 1988). The overall theme is the cultural struggle against colonization.  Defines literature broadly to include speeches and songs, in addition to more familiar content. Content is drawn from pieces written 'by the Irish and the Anglo Irish, in English, Latin, French and Gaelic.'

Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing: Irish Women's Writing and Traditions
. Cork, Ireland: Cork University Press in association with Field Day; [New York]: New York University Press, 2002. (O'Neill Library: Reserve PB1421 .F54 2002; Burns Library: PB1345 .F53 2002 IRISH; PB1345 .F53 2002 REF) Published as vols. 4-5 of the Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing, these volumes aim 'to bring together a substantial body of written documents produced by and about women since writing began in Ireland.'

Hull, Eleanor. A Text Book of Irish Literature. Dublin: M.H. Gill, 1920. (Burns Library: PB1306 .H75 1920 IRISH) Mythology, love tales, bardic poems, and ecclesiastical writings to 1600. It excludes annals, Ossianic literature, and classical tales.

Jeffares, A. Norman and Peter van de Kamp. Irish Literature: The Eighteenth Century. Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 2006. (O'Neill Library: PR8841.I75 2006) Drama, essays, political writings, speeches, letters and diaries, with a focus on Irish writing in English, and the beginnings of translation of Irish literature into English.

Jeffares, A. Norman and Peter van de Kamp. Irish Literature: the Nineteenth Century. Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 2006-2007. (O'Neill Library: PR8843.I735 2006; Burns Library: PR8843.I735 2006 IRISH). Literary excerpts, political writings and speeches, popular writings, and historical sources, documenting the rise of Irish literary and cultural identity.

Luddy, Maria, ed. Irish Women's Writing, 1839-1888. London: Routledge/Thoemmes, 1998. (O'Neill Library: PR8836.W66 I75 1998) A six-volume set of reprints of mid- to late-nineteenth century women's writing. Each volume has a lengthy introduction by the scholar who edited the volume. The first volume contains Friendly Advice to Irish Mothers, on Training their Children by Catherine Alexander. The second and third volumes contain the Leadbetter Papers, the fourth contains part of The Annals of the Sisters of Mercy, the fifth contains Castle Daly, and the sixth contains The Nun of Kenmare: An Autobiography.

McCarthy, Justin. Irish Authors and Their Writings in Ten Volumes. New York: Collier, 1904. (O'Neill Library: PR8833.I75 1904; Burns Library: PR8833.I7 1904 IRISH) Poetry, essays, and short fiction, arranged alphabetically by author, dating from the eighteenth century to the beginning of the twentieth century.

Pierce, David. Irish Writing in the Twentieth Century: a Reader. Cork: Cork University Press, 2000. (O'Neill Library: PR8844.I76 2000; Burns Library: PR8844.I76 2000 IRISH) Letters, diaries, articles, songs, poems, critical essays, literary profiles, plays, short stories, and excerpts from longer works, arranged chronologically by decade from the 1890s to the 1990s.

Tobin, Daniel, ed. The Book of Irish American Poetry: From the Eighteenth Century to the Present. Notre Dame, Indiana: University of Notre Dame Press, 2007. (O'Neill Library: PS591 .I69 B66 2007) Presents the work of over 200 Irish American poets, covering a broad spectrum of periods and schools.