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Irish Genealogy (Irish Studies)


Using the Surname Index

The aim of this guide is to point users to resources that assist genealogical research.

Using the Surname Index with Griffith's Evaluation and the Tithe Applotment Books

How to Use the Surname Index:

First, request the surname index for the county for which you are interested. Usually, there are from two to six microfiche for each county. The beginning dozen pages of the first microfiche will contain useful introductory material relating to Baronies and Parishes (Civil and Religious).

After the introductory material, you will see a table that looks like the following (there will be two tables on each page):


Abbott G T Fermoy
Abbott G5 T Barrymore
Adams T Condons
Ahern G22 T Imokilly
Ahearne G T Barrymore
Ahern G9 T Kinnatolloon

This is the alphabetical listing of surnames and the baronies in which they occur. The G indicates that the name occurs in Griffith's Valuation, together with the number of occurrences in a particular barony (a G with no number indicates one occurrence, and the absence of a G indicates no occurrences). The T indicates that the name occurs in the Tithe Applotment Books.

Search this table for your surname and be sure to write down all information: the name, the G and the number, and the barony. Also, be aware of spelling variations; for example, note the spelling of Ahearn in the above table.