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Irish Genealogy (Irish Studies)


Spinning Wheel Index

The aim of this guide is to point users to resources that assist genealogical research.

The Spinning Wheel Index

In order to encourage growth of flax, particularly in Ulster, spinning wheels were distributed throughout Ireland in the year 1796. Recognizing that the names of the recipients of the spinning wheels would be of great value to genealogists, All-Ireland Heritage, Inc. has produced, on microfiche, a surname index of those recipients. This index covers the whole of Ireland and lists 52,641 names.

There are only two counties, Dublin and Wicklow, for which there are no references. For each name the county and civil parish of residence are noted if available (with the exception of Co. Longford, for which the barony is listed and not the civil parish).

The Spinning Wheel Index in O'Neill Library

All-Ireland Heritage Microfiche Series Edition of the Alphabetical Index to the Names Contained in the Premium Entitlement Lists of the Trustees of the Linen and Hempen Manufactures of Ireland: Also Known by the Short Title, 1796 Spinning Wheel Survey of Ireland. Vienna, VA: All-Ireland Heritage, Inc. [and] D.H.R. Associates, c1986. (O'Neill Library Microforms: Microfiche CS480.A58 1986)