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Irish Genealogy (Irish Studies)


Census/Census Substitutes

The aim of this guide is to point users to resources that assist genealogical research.

Census Subsitutes

Valuable census substitutes described in this guide include:

There is also a guide to using the Surname Index with Griffith's and the Tithe Applotment Books,

Search Tip

The usual warning goes out to anyone who is researching surnames - please be aware of the variations possible in the spelling of a surname. For example: Graig or Craig; or, Riley, Rilley, Reilly, Reily or Reilley.

Census Information

Census for  Ireland 1901 and 1911
Dublin: Irish Microforms Ltd., 1979. (O'Neill Library Microforms: Microfiche HA1170.3 .C4)
Irish census information is available beginning with the year 1813. After 1821, the census was taken every ten years for the remainder of the nineteenth century. Information for years prior to 1901 may be incomplete, as returns from many areas have not survived. The data for the years 1901 and 1911 is available in its entirety. This information is available on the microfiche listed above. O'Neill Libraries' holdings include only the statistical data. See 'websites' tab for link to online census data from the National Archives Ireland.

International Population Census Publications, Europe, Ireland. Woodbridge, Connecticut: Research Publications, 197- (O'Neill Library Microforms: Microfilm HA1170.1 1926)
Contains:1926.--1936.--1941.--1946.--1951, 1956.--1961.--1966.--1971 (Some years not complete)

International Population Census, Europe, Northern Ireland. Woodbridge, Connecticut : Research Publications, [197-] (O'Neill Microforms Microfilm HA1141.5 1926)
Census information for Northern Ireland for various years between 1926 and 1939.