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Indexing your Journal


Basic Journal Information

This Guide will provide basic guidelines for indexing your in some of the most common directories and databases.

Basic Journal Information and Background

The first questions in the applications will prompt you to answer some generally basic questions regarding your Journal.  These include questions like:

  • Name of your Journal
  • Principal Contact for your Editorial Team
  • URL of your eJournal Website
  • Publisher (which, for the record, is indeed Boston College University Libraries)

The list goes on; there are a couple subjects which may be less obvious in this section which will be covered below.  Please do feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions regarding this section.

Journal Identifiers (Questions 4, 5, and 28)

In questions 4 and 5 of the application, you are prompted to provide a Print and Digital ISSN for your journal.  If your Journal does not have a print edition, you will only have the Digital ISSN identifier.  However, if you do print your journal - your journal will have one unique Print ISSN, and one unique Digital ISSN. 

To find this information, click on Settings and then Journal to find basic metadata including the Print and Digital ISSN.

Question 28 has to do with Article, rather than Journal identifiers.  Professional Knowledge Portal (PKP) which is the parent company for Open Journal Systems (OJS) uses Digital Object Identifiers, (DOIs) to identify specific articles.  

Preservation and Archiving (Questions 25 and 26)

In order to preserve the data and content in each Journal, PKP enlists in the LOCKSS archive program, which provides backups of our content in the event our serves are destroyed.  Please find two links below for more helpful information and context on our archiving policy.


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