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Indexing your Journal


Directory of Open Access Journals

This Guide will provide basic guidelines for indexing your in some of the most common directories and databases.

Why Apply to the DOAJ

Indexing your journal in the Directory of Open Access Journals is a great way to increase the accessibility and credibility of your journal.

  • This repository of Journals and articles can be easily searched for keywords;
  • The rigorous set of standards required by the DOAJ has the benefit of credibility, which is always important for scholars and researchers;
  • Open Access publication funds often require DOAJ indexing to release funding for a given project.

Applying to the DOAJ

Please find the Link to the DOAJ Application to submit one for your journal.

OJS also has a helpful reference for this in their Getting Found: Building Visibility - please find a link to Appendix 1: DOAJ Application Guide for OJS Journals

  • The application for the DOAJ is undergoing an upgrade in Q2 of 2020, please refer to a March 9th 2020 article detailing the planned changes to the application form.
  • The current application consists of 58 questions with the following sections:
    • Basic Journal Information
    • Quality and Transparency of the Editorial Process
    • How Open is the Journal?
    • Content Licensing
    • Copyright and Permissions
    • The Qualifiers for the DOAJ Seal
    • Editorial Manager details


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