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Burns Library Instruction


Student Feedback

What Students Learned in their Burns Sessions:

"I learned that these books/manuscripts etc. are accessible for undergraduates"

"I learned how to properly handle older books/rare books"

"That you can tell a lot about a primary source without reading the whole thing in depth. Also that you can tell a lot from like how the book is made"

"I learned what to look for when looking at an archive"

"How easy it is to get access to really cool material in a hands on way"

"I learned about how to find context clues when looking at old books/artifacts"

"I honestly can't pick just one. this was so helpful since I've never worked with special collections - they were very off-limits at my [previous] school. the online research tools were fantastic."

"I learned how to properly use a finding aid and how helpful it can be!"

"I learned that a lot of the rare books are not simply historical artifacts, but rather resources that can be very helpful and interesting"

"How different types of sources reflect similar & different ideas on a specific topic such as women in sports"

"I learned a lot more about what to look for when identifying various aspects of a given source - this will help me when completing my midterm!"

Additional Student Feedback

"Overall, extremely formative and very humbling to see old texts that previously had only existed online for me."

"Thank you so much, I will be back with more research questions!"

"the presentation and resources we used were really interesting and engaging"

"Thank you! This was very interesting. I wish I had learned more about Burns when I was a freshman so I could've used it more"

"So interesting. I didn't expect to be so wowed by this session. Loved examining the books"

"Informative and fun! I'm interested in continuing to do research here."

"I think the books here are extremely interesting and should be incorporated into more classes"

"Thank you! This was very thought provoking and helpful for our presentation."

"Thank you! Best english class I've taken thus far."

"This is so interesting and I loved learning about how the past and present relate regarding literature. I just wish we had more time."

"Great session! I am so glad to have this opportunity - wish it was earlier than my senior spring :)"