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Make Your Own Book Workshop


Summer 2016


When & Where 

Workshop 1
Text Day 1 (Digital Studio): June 3, 1-3 pm - The basics of InDesign book layouts
Text Day 2 (Digital Studio): June 10, 1-3 pm - Placing your content in the layout

Bind Day 1 (Book Lab): June 24, 1-3 pm - Exterior binding
Bind Day 2 (Book Lab): July 1, 1-3 pm - Interior binding + putting it all together

Workshop 2
Text Day 1 (Digital Studio): July 22, 1-3 pm - The basics of InDesign book layouts
Text Day 2 (Digital Studio): July 29, 1-3 pm - Placing your content in the layout

Bind Day 1 (Book Lab): August 12, 1-3 pm - Exterior binding 
Bind Day 2 (Book Lab): August 19, 1-3 pm - Interior binding + putting it all together

To sign up email Frances Bates with the workshop or dates you will be attending. Limit 6 people per session.



Writers and artists have used the pamphlet style of binding since the Middle Ages. In this workshop, participants will learn how to make a Pamphlet Binding with Boards.

Some participants might want to leave the text pages blank, while others might want to create a graphic novel, comic book, short story, artist’s book, alphabet book, memorial book, or a one-act play. It’s all possible, so long as it fits into 16 pages with a format size of 5” x 7”.  


What You Need

End sheets (see Paper Source:

Cover fabric, paper or images. 

Supervisor's Approval to participate in the workshop. 


If you have any questions please contact Frances Bates (or stop by the Book Lab).