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Food & Black America


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Database Searching Tips

Some suggestions for searching the BC Libraries' Catalog and other databases.  

    • Africa AND (food OR cuisine OR cooking)
    • Foodways
    • "Food habits" AND (Africa OR African Americans)
    • Africa AND "food supply"
    • "Food supply" AND (diaspora OR migration)
    • Famine AND (diaspora OR migration)
    • "West Africa" [or other specific region or country] AND (food [etc.])
    • Jamaica [or other destination] AND (food [etc.])
    • (food AND culture) ; (cuisine AND culture) ; (food AND ethnicity)


  • Searching words or phrases as "subjects" produces a more precise list of results.  If a "subjects" search returns no results, try the same word or phrase as "keyword" or "anywhere in record." 
  • Brainstorming about related words and phrases (synonyms, antonyms, more general / more specific) is a good strategy. 
  • Also, many databases have a "thesaurus" or "browse subject terms" or "choose from list" feature that can help construct an effective search.

Selected Food Journals