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Trial Databases

The following databases are newly acquired or being evaluated for a future subscription.
Foreign Office Files for China 1919-1980 This link opens in a new window
Trial through December 12, 2023

Foreign Office Files for China consists of formerly restricted British government documents for the period covering much of China's 20th C. upheavals & conflicts, consisting of diplomatic dispatches, letters, newspaper cuttings, maps, reports of court cases, biographies of leading personalities, summaries of events, and diverse other materials.

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ProQuest Trends & Policy U.S Immigration This link opens in a new window
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Trial through 1/13/2024

Trends & Policy connects policies implemented by the U.S. government with the data-driven results and trends of those policies and provides context with analytical reports and news articles. Presented in a unique interface designed specifically to help researchers make key connections and discoveries, this product includes timelines, topic pages and data tools. Research U.S. immigration laws and other materials from the legislative branch, reports and statistics from the executive and judicial branches, and contextual newspaper articles.
Trends and Policy organizes the content into a context through a controlled vocabulary and incorporates topic pages and timelines.

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The Civil & Military Gazette Online, 1872-1963 This link opens in a new window
Trial through 12/5/2023

The Civil & Military Gazette constitutes one of the most significant drivers of power in the long empire of information connecting, informing and controlling British India. This South Asian Primary Source offers the most comprehensive holding of The Civil & Military Gazette available, eighty-seven years in all, covering British rule in India from its imperial height, through the Rebellion or ‘Mutiny’ of 1857, recurring nationalist risings, imperial massacres and war to Partition and its aftermath in the independent nationhood of India and Pakistan.

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