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HIST HIST2845-01: Women in U.S. Medicine


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Course guide for Prof. Tonn's course on Women in US Medicine for Fall 2019.

Welcome to "Women in U.S. Medicine"

This course surveys the history of women in U.S. medicine from the colonial period to the present. We will consider both the changing place of women within the medical profession and the development of medical knowledge about women's health and disease. How have women practiced medicine as traditional healers, midwives, nurse, physicians, and caregivers? What is the historical relationship between women medical practitioners and the production of medical knowledge about the female body? We will pay particular attention to the structural inequalities within the American medical profession and healthcare system; intersectional approaches to women's history of medicine; and the important role that practitioners, feminists, and patients have played in challenging race and gender based discrimination in medicine as well as gendered assumptions about the female body.

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