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ENGL8887 : Introduction to Advanced Research


Locating Criticism: Books

Finding Books Using BC's Library Catalog

Books at BC: Search the Catalog
The Library has over 2.8 million volumes and the collections pertaining to all aspects of literature and related topics are very good.

Try some Subject searches. For example, enter the following search terms in the search box below:

postmodernism AND literature
"American poetry" AND criticism
Shakespeare AND women

Search by Keyword(s) in Subject


Go to Advanced Search for more search options.

Advanced Search For Single Word Titles

For single word titles add additional keywords for editions, authors, material type  or further refine by year.

Advanced Search Using Multiple Terms

Click on the Advanced Search link from the main library page. Add several keywords or limit by date, material type etc. to narrow your search.

Information from  rows are all combined with AND, meaning all of the terms must appear on the record.

Advanced search for Films, Archival Material, Scores, Microforms, etc.

Finding Material Types

WorldCat: Finding Books in Other Libraries


Cambridge Books

Literary Theory

Call Number Ranges for Browsing (Library of Congress)

You may want to browse books on the shelf to familiarize yourself with parts of the collection. Here are useful lists (in Wikipedia) of English and American Library of Congress (LOC) call number ranges:

English Literature (PR)

Literature General (PN) (Location of many journals & critical texts)

American Literature (PS)