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Children's Literature- English Language Learners



This guide supports selecting books for English Language Learners.

Educational Resource Center

The Educational Resource Center, located in Campion Hall, is the best place on campus to locate books to share with your English Language Learners (ELLs).  The ERC provides a rich collection of fiction and nonfiction English, bilingual, and World Language children's books including many award-winning titles.  Enriching the collection are many multicultural titles.  

Search the BC Libraries Catalog for materials.

The Academic Language in Read Alouds Project at Boston College

The Academic Language in Read Alouds Project at Boston College: Academic Language in Early Childhood and Elementary Classrooms:

"Early Childhood and Elementary Education students in licensure programs conduct Read Aloud lessons in their pre-practicum site weekly. Boston College students are paired with an ELL in their classroom and get to know this child in a one-on-one situation. Through read alouds of fiction and informational texts, students learn to evaluate the linguistic demand of a lesson, and to embed teaching of vocabulary, language structure, and reading comprehension strategies." More on how the Read Aloud Project connects to linguistically responsive teaching...

Teacher Education Themes

The Academic Language in Read Alouds Project is created based on the following Boston College Teacher Education themes:

Promoting social justice: At BC, we see teaching as an activity with political dimensions, and we see all educators as responsible for challenging inequities in the social order and working with others to establish a more just society.

Constructing knowledge: At BC, we regard all teachers and students as active agents in their own learning, who draw on prior knowledge and experience to construct new knowledge and interaction in texts, materials and other learners.

Inquiring into practice: At BC, the curriculum is intended to bridge the gap between research and practice by fostering critical reflection and by treating classrooms and schools as sites for teacher research and other forms of practitioner inquiry.

Affirming diversity: At BC, we believe that one of the central challenges of teaching is meeting the needs of all learners, especially as the school population becomes more diverse in race, culture, ethnicity, language, background, and ability/disability.

Collaborating with others: At BC, prospective teachers are encouraged to collaborate with each of the stakeholders in the educational process (other teachers, administrators, human services professionals, parents and community members) and with fellow students and professors.

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