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Scopus vs Web of Science

Scopus v Web of Science guide adapted from U of Washington guide on the same topic

Scopus and Web of Science Comparison Chart

Scopus vs. Web of Science

Features Scopus Web of Science
Number of journals >20,000 >12,000
Content Physical sciences, health sciences, life sciences, social sciences. Sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities
Databases covered 100% Medline, Embase, and more Science Citation Index, Social Sciences Citation Index, and Arts & Humanities Citation Index
Time period covered Initially covered 1996-present.  Now includes substantial content prior to 1996, with some back to 1823.

Science component: 1900-.

Social science component: 1975-.

Arts & humanities component: 1975-.

Updated daily weekly?
Developer/Producer Elsevier Thomson Reuters
Citation analysis yes yes
Controlled vocabulary yes - IndexTerms field no
Export feature yes yes
Alerts service yes yes
  • author search feature easy to use
  • more versatile search tool with advantages in functionality (default, refine, format of results of citation tracker and author identification.
  • covers 6256 unique journals, compared to WOS’ 1467
  • greater international coverage
  • can use “first author” as a search field in Advanced Search
  • can search with controlled vocabulary
  • built-in journal comparison tool
  • robust data visualization tools
  • greater time period of coverage
  • more options for citation analysis for institutions
  • covers science and arts/humanities
Weaknesses Social science coverage, esp. sociology and prior to 1966;  but varies from discipline to discipline with perhaps unexpected strengths in certain areas No controlled vocabulary

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Review of Scopus:

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Review of Web of Science:

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