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Scopus v Web of Science guide adapted from U of Washington guide on the same topic

Searching for an Author

To search by author, choose the "Author Search" link, just to the right of the default Document Search. Enter the author's full name, if you have it.  It's generally useful to add the author's affiliation.  If you know the ORCID ID for the author you are searching, you can use that, instead of a name.  The ORCID ID is a unique identifier, and can make author searching much easier, especially for authors with more common surnames.

Author Search box for George Smith -- U of Bristol

Below you can see the various "author sets" resulting from the search, above.  The sets group together works that are thought, with high probability, to be by the same author, but reflect slight variations in the name used.  Multiple sets may contain works by the same author.  Once you have checked on all relevant boxes, click the "Show documents" link to retrieve the listing of references by this author.  Alternatively, click on the author name link to reach the author profile page.  

Name entries also serve as links to author profile pages.The author profile page provides a snapshot of the author's influence in his/her discipline (the h-index figure is one way of describing this), patterns of publication over time, journal titles where he/she tends to publish, as well as other information. 

Below you can see what the author profile page looks like for one of the George Davy Smith author sets.  

Find the h-index for an Author

The h-index is a measure sometimes used to gauge influence of a particular author.  To find it in Scopus, first, run an Author Search, supplying the information that you know – full name, affiliation and/or ORCID ID, if available.

Scopus search on George Davy Smith

When a list of author names appears, click on the linked text (shown in blue) for the correct name to reach the author's profile page.  In this example, the search was deliberately broad, so there will be many hits.  Usually the top listing is the correct one.

George Davy Smith author profile page

Below you can see the profile page for this author:

Smith Profile page

Click on the "View h-graph" to be taken to a new page where the H-Index graph and other information reflecting the publishing history for this author is shown.