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3D Printing Guidelines



A guide for submitting 3D print jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where is the 3D printer/ can I watch the 3D printer in action?

A: Our 3D printer is currently kept in a separate location that is not accessible to the public due to ventilation requirements. We occasionally bring it into the Digital Studio for demonstrations or workshops, ask a staff member if there are any upcoming events.


Q: How much does it cost to print?

A: There is no fee for our printing services at this time.


Q: How long does the printer take to print a model?

A: It depends on your object's size, fill, and whether or not it requires any troubleshooting. A 3D printing specialist will contact you for a consultation after your job has been submitted to give you a projected timeline. The average estimate for a print job completion is 3 business days.


Q: Does my 3D print job have to be academic?

A: No, our 3D print service also accepts personal projects. However, please note that academic print jobs will get priority in the queue over personal print jobs.