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This guide is intended to provide an overview of print and electronic sources that index reviews, analyses and criticisms of plays.

Getting Started

Theatre reviews and theatre criticism and analyses may be found in a number of places depending on the type of play. Reviews of mainstream plays may be found in online databases and print sources that include references to general interest periodicals (such as Newsweek or Time), while reviews of foreign, independent, or other kind of plays, and in-depth criticism and analyses, may be found in sources which include references to more scholarly, or academic, publications.

  • When looking for a theatre review it is useful to know:
    • The director's full name.
    • The play's complete title.
    • The year(s) the play was performed.

  • As reviews of plays do not always appear in same year as a the play was first released, you may need to look in indexes for two or more years following the publication date. Remember also that some plays never get reviewed at all.

  • It is generally useful to consult several reviews or articles to obtain a more balanced evaluation.

  • Remember that not all indexes are electronic format. The reviews you are seeking may be in a print compilation, or in a print index to the literature. (Most of the print indexes are at the back of the main floor of O'Neill Library).

  • It is important that you yourself know as much possible about the play before you attempt to seek a review. For example, is it currently being performed? Are you looking for reviews of performanace of a play with specific actors (e.g., The Producers with Nathan Lane)? Was it performed on Broadway? Any information you have about the play will help you to choose the most appropriate source for finding reviews and criticism.

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