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Remote Access to Library Resources


LibX for BC

Why use LibX

LibX is an add-on for Firefox and Chrome that gives your web browser quick access to the Libraries' online resources. When searching the web, if you come across a site to which you think BC may subscribe, such as JSTOR, you can use your LibX toolbar to reload the page so that it goes through the BC proxy. Then you can login to BC and you have access to full-text content.

Install LibX for Boston College

LibX works with Chrome and Firefox.  LibX does not work with Internet Explorer.

How to use LibX to access resource from off-campus

When you are searching the web and you find a subscription site, you can click the LibX icon at the top-right corner of your browser to open LibX.  Then click on the Proxies link, then Reload page with this proxy.  The page will be reloaded through BC and you get access to BC's subscription and the full text if available.

See below for additional LibX features, including searching the BC Catalog.


LibX more details

There are two ways to search the Catalog with LibX: by using the LibX Search Box, or by highlighting any word or phrase on any web page.


Click the BC icon while browsing any web page to open the LibX search box:

search box

This box lets you specify which fields in the Catalog to search.  Enter one or more terms, click the Search button.

You can combine several search terms in a single search.  Add additional fields by clicking the arrow icon that follows each field. 


Remove fields by clicking the “x”.

You can customize the behavior of LibX by exploring the Preferences option.



Highlight any word or phrase on any web page, and then right-click.


While reading the New York Times online, you want to search BC’s catalog for the phrase, “Public Housing.” 

Highlight the phrase, and right-click.

A search box opens that will allow you to search Holmes for the highlighted phrase by Keyword, Title or by several other fields.  Click the desired entry to start the search.

You can also search Google Scholar for the highlighted term without having to open a new browser window.

highlighting example

Embedded "cues" in popular websites

While browsing certain popular web sites, such as,, and several others, you may see book titles marked with a Boston College icon, or "cue."

Amazon example

While browsing, the book “The Art of Worldly Wisdom” has the LibX BC cue following the title.

Click the cue to see if BC owns the book, or to get online access to the item.