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EC338/EC353 Law and Economics




This guide serves two courses focused on both U.S. and international issues of law and economics. Key research topics such as antitrust, property law, intellectual property and pricing are addressed. For broad topics start with a book search. Use bilbiographies in the book for other sources. Also search articles and current news for the most recent updates and current cases. Key data websites are also highlighted.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact Barbara Mento, Economics Librarian at:

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Search Holmes by Keyword(s) Anywhere

Many books have been written about major antitrust cases such as Microsoft or Napster exploring seminal issues.  Search our Holmes using keywords with your topic such as  "law and legislation",  "regulation", "economic aspects"  or  "government policy".

   antitrust AND "standard oil"

   napster AND (copyright OR "intellectual property")

Go to Holmes Advanced Search for more search options.

Note: the books in the Law collection can be checked out out unless "non-circulating" is indicated

Law Library (Newton Campus)

Members of the BC community who require access to legal materials and assistance with legal research are welcome to use the Law Library collection. For specific topics see law research guides.

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