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5th Annual GIS Contest 2014

First prize undergraduate winner Elisssa Knight

Congratulations to the winners of the 2014  Library Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Mapping Contest at Boston College

It is with great pleasure that the Boston College Libraries announce the winners of the Fifth Annual Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Mapping Contest at Boston College.   The response this year was impressive in the relevance, variety of topics and the attention to social justice and environmental issues.

The first place award of a $100 Amazon Gift Card goes to:

Aakash Ahamed, Graduate student in  Geology/Geophysics , graduate prize: "Know Your Air". 

Elissa Knight, A&S 2015 in Environmental Geoscience, undergraduate prize: “The Effect of Educational Attainment on Health Insurance Coverage “.

The second place award of a $50 Amazon Gift Card, goes to:

Christopher P. Soeller, Graduate student in Geology, graduate prize: "Environmental Justice in MA: An Analysis of Income Levels and Hazardous Waste Sites".

Christine Pang , A&S 2015 in Environmental Geoscience, undergraduate prize:  “Comparing two heating fuel types in Massachusetts counties”. 

The third place award of a $25 Amazon Gift Card goes to:

Oluwaseun Fadugba, Graduate student in Geophysics, graduate prize: ”Propagation of P- and S- Waves and the Variation of Peak Amplitude from Earthquake’s Epicenter Using the Mississippi 2012 Earthquake as a Case Study”.

Stephen Hilfiker, Graduate student in Geophysics/Earth and Environmental Sciences, graduate prize: “Tsunami Risk Assessment for the Pacific-Northwest United States”

Awards were based on map quality, use of GIS as a research tool and originality.  Special consideration was given to topics depicting social implications of the research such as environmental issues. The awards will be presented Wednesday, April 16th at 3:00 p.m. in the O’Neill Lobby by University Librarian, Tom Wall. Please join us in congratulating the winners.

Special thanks to the contest judges:

Rudolph Hon, Associate Professor, Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences ; Constantin Andronache, Research Associate, Research Services, ITS; Sally Wyman, Science Librarian, Enid Karr,  Science Librarian and Barbara Mento, Data/GIS Librarian

New Resources
Amadeus (BC Community) Access is for one year only (6/2014-6/2015)
A database of comparable financial information for public and private companies across Europe. Note BC subscription includes very large companies, about 1 million. Access is also provided via WRDS.
Bankscope (BC Community) Access for one year only (4/2014-4/2015).
Bankscope contains detailed financial information for the following public and private banks: ••Top 8,000 European banks ••Top 14,000 North American banks ••1,000 Japanese banks ••1,200 Russian banks ••Over 5,000 other major banks ••The leading 35 supranational banking and financial organizations.  Each bank report contains a detailed consolidated and/or unconsolidated balance sheet, an income statement and interim reports with up to 16 years of information. Bankscope also provides ratings, rating reports, country risk ratings and reports, news and detailed ownership information and bank structures. Access is also provided via WRDS. (BC Community) Access is for one year only (4/2014-4/2015).
Market research reports in many industries including: service industries, consumer goods, demographics, food and beverage, heavy industry, life science, public sector and technology and medi

StateStats (BC Community)

Data coverage of each state including health care, crime, education and more. You'll find reliable, easy-to-use data from more than 80 different sources covering more than 15 years. When you find data you're interested in explore it using the mapping and graphing tools, compare it with other data sets, or export it to Excel.

Database Trials at Boston College
Check out databases on trial at BC. Includes many different subject areas.

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