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Many U.S. and international agencies offer free access to data. Use databases to identify key data sources for your topic. Use the primary source of the data to get more detailed or historical data.

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Mapping Your Life – A free workshop by the Out of Eden Walk project

October 17, 2015 - 9:00am to 5:00pm

Maps visualize data in a geographic context. They add meaning, power and beauty to the stories we wish to communicate—whether it is a map of income inequality across the globe or the geo-coded route of your daily jogging route. The Out of Eden Walk project, a 7-year storytelling walk across the world sponsored by National Geographic and the Knight Foundation, is now sharing its digital mapping expertise with the interested public.  In this new educational initiative taught by the Center for Geographic Analysis at Harvard University, anyone can learn the basic mapping skills and free online tools needed to create compelling maps that tell your geographic story. Please join us.

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Check out databases on trial at BC. Includes many different subject areas.

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