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Cultural Responsiveness: Getting Started

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Cultural responsiveness is the ability to learn from and relate with people from your culture and also from the culture of others.


Here are some example keyword to use in Holmes Catalog and article databases to find resources.

  • cultural awareness
  • culturally relevant pedagogy
  • discrimination in education
  • education, bilingual
  • education social aspects
  • effective teaching
  • inclusion education
  • linguistic minorities
  • minorities
  • multicultural education
  • teacher training

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The powerful staff development experiences in her DVD The Culturally Responsive Teacher grew from her own experiences as well as those of colleagues that showed her how even small cultural conflicts had the power to suppress student engagement-and how taking steps to resolve these conflicts can dramatically increase student performance.

This program shows how teachers set high expectations for learning, respond to the cultural differences of students, and create classroom environments that serve students' diverse learning styles. Classroom scenes illustrate how teachers match instructional methods to students' instructional needs.