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COMM 3372: Mass Communication Theory


Picking A Topic

Research sources, strategies, and support for students in CO 372: Mass Communication Theory & CQ Researcher: Topic Overviews

The Issues & Controversies section of the database Facts on File combines factual analysis and explanations of opposing points of view on a wide variety of topics and issues that are newsworthy, controversial, and often complex.

Go to Facts On File (formerly (BC Community Only). Click  Issues & Controversies, then look at "Arts, Entertainment, and the Media" in the Subject Index.

CQ Researcher provides lengthy overviews of "hot" economic, political or social issues. Each report includes charts, graphs, sidebar articles, a pro/con feature, a chronology, and more.

Go to CQ Researcher (BC Community Only). Click on Browse by Topic and look for ideas under "Communications and the Mass Media."

Browse Mass Communication Encyclopedias



SUBJECT ENCYCLOPEDIAS provide concise overviews of a wide range of topics related to mass communication.  Browse through any of the following for context and and basic information on topics that you can explore more fully. 

International Encyclopedia of Communication

Encyclopedia of Communication Theory

Encyclopedia of Television, 2nd Edition. (O'Neill Reference PN1992.18.E53 2004) 1999 Edition Online

Encyclopedia of Radio. (O'Neill Reference PN1991.5.M84 2004)

Encyclopedia of International Media and Communications. (O'Neill Reference P87.5 .E532 2003)

Encyclopedia of Journalism

Encyclopedia of Television News. (Also in O'Neill Reference PN4888.T4 E53 1999)

Encyclopedia of Public Relations. (O'Neill ReferenceHD59.E48 2005)

Advertising Age Encyclopedia of Advertising. (O’Neill Reference HF5803 .A38 2003)

Encyclopedia of Children, Adolescents, and the Media. (O’Neill Reference HQ784 .M3 E53 2007)

Subject Guide

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