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African & African Diaspora Studies
by Lawrence Busenbark - Last Updated Apr 14, 2014
This research guide provides information about the major print, electronic and web resources for African-American history and culture.
American Studies
by Brendan Rapple - Last Updated Dec 9, 2013
The primary goal of this guide is to help identify resources for studying various areas of American Studies.
British History: Selected Electronic Resources
by Elliot Brandow, Brendan Rapple - Last Updated Jan 7, 2014
This guide is intended to pinpoint a number of electronic databases and websites useful for research in British history.
Finding Newspapers
by Leslie Homzie - Last Updated Mar 28, 2014
This guide describes sources of current, contemporary (recent past), and historical newspapers available in print or electronically via the Boston College Libraries and/or on the Web.
History Portal
by Elliot Brandow - Last Updated Jan 27, 2014
Links to the various history subject and course guides
History Research
by Elliot Brandow - Last Updated Mar 28, 2014
Scholarly resources in all areas of historical research at Boston College
HS 247: Irish Material Culture: 1770-1930
by Elliot Brandow, Adeane Bregman, Kathy Williams - Last Updated Dec 16, 2013
This guide will provide multidisciplinary resources to support research and documentation for Irish Material Culture
HS 300-25: The Montgomery Bus Boycott
by Elliot Brandow, Lawrence Busenbark - Last Updated Sep 12, 2012
This guide will highlight resources for conducting historical research.
HS 300-57: Adoption, Race, and Kinship in the 20th Century United States
by Elliot Brandow - Last Updated Aug 31, 2012
Research sources, strategies, and support for Prof. Oh's History 300 course on the writing and study of history
HS 300-63: France and World War II
by Elliot Brandow - Last Updated Feb 22, 2013
Sources and support for Prof. Spagnoli's course on the Study and Writing of History
HS 302: From Sun Yat-sen to the Beijing Olympics
by Adeane Bregman - Last Updated Jan 29, 2014
This Guide will present resources for your projects and your own discovery.
HS 600: Comics and American Values in the 1970s
by Elliot Brandow, Adeane Bregman - Last Updated Jan 29, 2014
This guide will provide resources to scholarly works which look at Comic Books, Comic Strips, Graphic Novels and other sequential materials from an aesthetic point of view.
Irish History (Irish Studies)
by Kathy Williams - Last Updated Jul 16, 2013
This is a guide to resources in Irish and Irish-American History.
Islamic Civilization and Societies
by Nina Bogdanovsky - Last Updated Jan 27, 2014
This guide focuses on the essential resources for research in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies
Latin American Studies
by Lawrence Busenbark - Last Updated Apr 14, 2014
Identifying and locating resources for Latin American Studies.
The Politics of Division: Northern Ireland, 1921 - Present
by Kathy Williams - Last Updated Nov 20, 2013
This aim of this guide is to support the research needs of students in this class.

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