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SmartBoard Resources



Overview of Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards (SMART Board is available at the ERC) are being used more and more in schools as a way to improve student learning outcomes.

These boards combine the simple medium of the traditional whiteboard with the power of the computer. Teachers can use the boards to create interactive lesson plans, write notes in digital ink, and save all their work using the touch, write, and save capabilities.

This page contains information and links to online training materials, lesson plan banks, and directories of SMART Board-friendly sites.

If you would like one-on-one training in the use of SMART Boards please contact me.

The ERC Interactive Whiteboards

The Educational Resource Center has one interactive whiteboard in the classroom located in the ERC and another interactive whiteboard specifically  for student use in the ERC Interactive Technology Room.  The student use whiteboard is available for a 2-hour reservation period, if needed.  Inquire at the circulation desk for further information or email the ERC.


Learning with Interactive Whiteboards

This program introduces the interactive whiteboard, explains how it works, and demonstrates specific ways it can be used in the classroom. Viewers will learn about typical board interfaces such as pen or touch-screen, what other tools and technologies can be used in conjunction with whiteboards, and what types of practical whiteboard applications teachers might prefer depending on lower-grade or high-school settings.

Subject Guide

Tiffeni Fontno
Educational Resource Center
Campion G13

Interactive Whiteboard Resources at the ERC

The Educational Resource Center has many resources that work with interactive whiteboards or are about using interactive whiteboards in teaching. Check the catalog for a current listing of available resources.



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