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The Fed's Forward Guidance

Murray and Monti Professor of Economics Peter Ireland examines the nature of forward guidance about the future course of monetary policy 
that the Fed is delivering to the public. Economics21


"Bill Shock" Agreement

Assistant Professor of Economics Michael Grubb weighs in on the FCC's new "bill-shock agreement," which requires mobile providers to alert customers about surcharges they may incur, on the consumer site

CellPhone Bills Are Getting...Lower?

According to a cellular phone industry group, the average monthly cell phone bill has dropped 69 percent, adjusted for inflation, since 1989. How is that possible? Assistant Professor of Economics Michael Grubb, who has studied the cell phone market, weighed in on "Marketplace" Radio


Oireachtas Banking Inquiry

Bankers who routinely abused the rules without suffering personal penalties were responsible for the banking crisis, Carroll School of Management Professor of Finance Ed Kane said in a presentation to the Joint Committee of Inquiry into the Banking Crisis in Ireland. RTEIrish Times,Irish IndependentNewstalk 106American Banker

New Resources

Amadeus (BC Community) Access extended one more year (6/2014-6/2015)
A database of comparable financial information for public and private companies across Europe. Note BC subscription includes very large companies, about 1 million. Access is also provided via WRDS.

Bankscope (BC Community) Access extended one more year (4/2014-4/2015).
Bankscope contains detailed financial information for the following public and private banks: ••Top 8,000 European banks ••Top 14,000 North American banks ••1,000 Japanese banks ••1,200 Russian banks ••Over 5,000 other major banks ••The leading 35 supranational banking and financial organizations.  Each bank report contains a detailed consolidated and/or unconsolidated balance sheet, an income statement and interim reports with up to 16 years of information. Bankscope also provides ratings, rating reports, country risk ratings and reports, news and detailed ownership information and bank structures. Access is also provided via WRDS.


Database Trials at Boston College
Check out databases on trial at BC. Includes many different subject areas.

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