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Referendum in Greece

Greece's voters returned a resounding "no" to accepting austerity measures in exchange for a rescue deal. Associate Professor of Economics Robert Murphy and Assistant Professor Scott Fulford(near left) commented on the country's escalating fiscal crisis in advance of yesterday's vote. CBS News,Boston Herald (Murphy), Boston Herald (Fulford).


Massachusetts' First Casino

Plainridge Park Casino made promising revenue during its first week, but there are still pitfalls the state must consider, Carroll School of Management Associate Professor of the Practice of Finance Richard McGowan, S.J., said in interviews on NECN "Broadside" and WRKO Financial Exchange. He also commented on the opening and other state gaming issues in the Boston GlobeBoston Herald and Maine News, among other outlets.

Hazards of Too-Big-To-Fail Banks

Carroll School of Management Professor of Finance Ed Kane discussed the dangerous risk-taking of the nation's financial giants, in a Q&A republished by Salon

Can Policy Be Too Data Dependent?

There are genuine risks to policies that place too much emphasis on each and every piece of incoming data, risks that Federal Reserve policymakers should recognize when following their data-driven approach, according toMurray and Monti Professor of Economics Peter IrelandEconomics 21

New Resources

Amadeus (BC Community) Access extended one more year (6/2014-6/2015)
A database of comparable financial information for public and private companies across Europe. Note BC subscription includes very large companies, about 1 million. Access is also provided via WRDS.

Bankscope (BC Community) Access extended one more year (4/2014-4/2015).
Bankscope contains detailed financial information for the following public and private banks: ••Top 8,000 European banks ••Top 14,000 North American banks ••1,000 Japanese banks ••1,200 Russian banks ••Over 5,000 other major banks ••The leading 35 supranational banking and financial organizations.  Each bank report contains a detailed consolidated and/or unconsolidated balance sheet, an income statement and interim reports with up to 16 years of information. Bankscope also provides ratings, rating reports, country risk ratings and reports, news and detailed ownership information and bank structures. Access is also provided via WRDS.


Database Trials at Boston College
Check out databases on trial at BC. Includes many different subject areas.

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